Established in March 2012, the SCA Filipiniana Club aims to preserve, promote, and share the Filipino culture and traditions among all residents of Sun City Anthem.  Membership is open to ALL residents.


We encourage you to visit and browse our website regularly.  You will find what the club is all about.  Our club holds dinner dances to celebrate the Philippine Independence in June and Christmas in December.  Special events are organized at various times to highlights our culture and variety of interests of members.   Such events have included the Filipino Food Festival with folk dances and fashion shows.  Members have traveled together to scenic and cultural places in the nearby states. Many of our members have enjoyed multi-sports socials. In 2013, we ran a successful campaign to raise funds to aid the victims of typhoon Haiyan.


The Filipinos, having survived all kinds of natural calamities and challenges in life, are known for being resourceful and resilient.  Come join our club and discover that you can have fun by simply getting to know the Filipino ways.  Learn the “Bayanihan” way of life.


A variety of events and programs for 2021 are in development . . . Visit this website for up-to-date information about the club as well as use the links to news on Philippine events, tourism, cuisine, other interesting topics and What's new. 






2021 Club Board Members

Manny (2).jpg

Manny Mallannao



Janet E.jpg

Janet Estiandan



Carmelo Beley.jpg

Carmelo Beley




Linaflor_Gozo (2).jpg

Linaflor Gozo




Linda Joven 2.jpg

Linda Joven

Membership Chair

Vivian Enverga.jpg

Vivian Enverga

Social Chair


Ceasar Dandan.png

Ceasar Dandan

Communications Chair