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     The Filipiniana Club's Board wishes everyone well during this trying time.  Here is the latest regarding precautions taken at Sun City Anthem.

     On July 23, 2020, the SCA Board approved an official rule for the community by voting to mandate face masks or face shields in order to be in the centers.  We were previously relying on the Governor’s mandates and recommendations to the State of Nevada, but the SCA BOD has now passed an official rule for Sun City Anthem, specifically, of “No face masks, no entry or service.”  Residents must also ensure the face mask covers their nose and mouth at all times.  If residents cannot wear face masks for medical reasons, they MUST wear a face shield as an alternative.  One or the other is required.  This requirement will NOT be enforced for those IN the pool or for those on outdoor sport courts where social distancing is able to be observed.

     SCA has the ability to be more restrictive than the Governor’s mandates and used their authority to do so since there were residents who were not complying with staff requests to wear their masks.  Now that this is a rule, reports of violations by residents will be able to be enforced by the Association’s current Enforcement Policy that could result in possible fines or bans from the centers if compliance is not achieved.  Fines and bans are not the goal of the Board.  The Board wants the residents to be able to enjoy the centers, however, the residents’ health and safety is also a concern and a priority.

     The City of Henderson has already been on site randomly for several inspections and OSHA has recently published notification that they will be conducting random site visits to ensure compliance, as well.  Let’s help keep our facilities open by complying! 

     Stay safe and follow the precautions of social distancing and wearing masks. 

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